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Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.11Which of the following is a compiled language?PerlJScriptJavaPowerShellCorrect Answer: C Question No.12Which of the following would be used to send messages using the SMTP protocol?Document sharing softwareInstant messaging softwareConferencing softwareEmail softwareCorrect Answer: D Question No.13Which of the following are the basic computing operations?Input, process, output, and feedbackInput, output, storage, Read more […]

Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.1Which of the following data types should a developer use when creating a variable to hold a postal code?IntegerStringFloatBooleanCorrect Answer: B Question No.2Ann, a user, connects to the corporate WiFi and tries to browse the Internet. Ann finds that she can only get to local (intranet) pages. Which of the following actions would MOST likely fix the problem?Renew the IP address.Configure the browser proxy settings.Clear Read more […]

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