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Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.11You have a SharePoint Server farm.A user attempts to create a site column named RequestType that uses a managed metadata term set named RequestTypes as metadatA. The user reports that Allow `Fill-in#39; choices are set to No , and the option cannot be configured.You need to ensure that the user can set Allow `Fill-in#39; choices to Yes. Solution: You add the user as a term set stakeholder.Does this meet the goal?YesNoCorrect Read more […]

Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.1Your company has a SharePoint Server farm.Each department at the company has an associated Active Directory group.You plan to deploy a Business Connectivity Services (BCS) solution for all the users in the human resources (HR) department. BCS will connect to a Microsoft SQL Server named SQL1. SQL1 uses SQL Server Authentication.You need to ensure that BCS can access SQL1. Authentication credentials and connection information Read more […]

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